Systems · Technics · Engineering


• PABX and VoIP installation
• Two-way RF communication system integration
• Fire alarm system
• RF & PABX/PSTN integration
• DECT system installation
• Microwave transmission
• Fiberoptic transmission
• LAN network design and setup

Data Security

• Voice & Data transmission system
• Wireless broadband access
• HF/VHF/UHF RF systems for voice & data
• Voice & Data Security System
• Supervision and Data Acquisition (SCADA) & Telemetry system
• Access Control system: Card and Biometrical


• CCTV system with telemetry control and data transmission via coaxial, Telco, Fiber, RF and twisted pair
• Distributed CCTV network over Ethernet
• Public Address system
• AVL GPS system via common RF channels, GSM network and satellite
• Special projects of the governmental and military purposes

About us

STE was established in 2010 as communication and security systems integrator and products supplier for Turkmenistan market. Initially the company started its activities with supply and installation of conventional RF systems and later diversifying into other communication media.
In a short space of time STE obtained reputation as high-qualified and professional company. Our success has been achieved through the knowledge and experience of professional managers and technical staff - whose qualification trainings constantly are being improved in the headquarters of our partners. These partners are the leaders in the field of communication and security technology throughout the world.
STE mission is Improvement of operation efficiency and safety of continuously progressive organizations in Turkmenistan and other regions of Central Asia by delivering of future oriented and high-reliable communication & IT Solutions.
Our Company is constantly growing and developing products and services in order to serve its customers in the best way. STE is a unique Company which has an opportunity to accomplish really scalable & complex projects. It has high-qualified technical team, which can provide all services beginning from site survey till after sale support according to customers’ requirements & possibilities (potentialities). The implementation of the Company products is conducted according to the field International Standards and customers’ requirements as well. Our goal is to study all requirements and preferences of our customers and propose the optimal solution, with best price and quality.

Nowadays, STE is considered as one of supplier and integrator the SCADA Automation, Security, Telecommunication and Software development systems on Turkmenistan Market. Our company provides installation, commissioning, maintenance, customer training and after sale support upon customer's requirements. Project implementation on high level is caused by offering to customers Worlds’ famous brands’ products. Our official business partners are: GE Security, Alcatel-Lucent, Mils Electronic, Axis Communications, Cisco, Cieffe, Avaya and etc.
Company STE relationships with customers, suppliers, partners and the whole community is in accordance with highest standards of ethics, takes into consideration their interests and satisfies all concerned parties. We try our best to fully satisfy our customers’ requirements. When all needs of customer are carefully studded, we design an optimal solution, taking into consideration activity and infrastructural features of customer.

Company staff

Interdisciplinary team with big ideas and challenges.


Management staff

Management staff – is constantly working on improvement of internal and external relationships. Continuous tracking of technological developments on international and domestic markets, gives us opportunity to offer clients the most optimal solutions.

STE employee highly qualified, professional staff. Our employees possess superb educational backgrounds, many with advanced degrees in computer science, systems engineering, business management, and mathematics/operations research. Qualification and knowledge of staff are constantly being improved in the training centers of our venders – leaders in the field of communication and security technology throughout the world. The background and experience of our staff is one of the strongest competitive advantages.


Technical staff

Technical staff - specialists of different technical directions, who work in the field of Telecommunication, Security, SCADA Automation and Software development systems. Knowledge and experience of professional technical staff allows us accomplish large scalable & complex projects. Modern achievements, High quality & International Standards are always "Lined up with the Company" ledge and experience of professional technical staff allows us accomplish large scalable & complex projects

Company Information

PSRN (main state registration number) 1207800022011
TIN (tax identification number) 7813643106
PPC (code assigned to the company) 781301001
Address: office 208-A, Letter A, str. Blokhina, 9,
Sankt-Petersburg, 197198, Russia
Director Balakley I.V.
Tel: +7 999 2163049

Bank Details

Name of the bank: Branch "Northern Capital" JSC "Raiffeisenbank"
Correspondent account No. 30101810100000000723
BIC 044030723
TIN 7744000302
TRRC 784143001

Customers & Partners

Each customer is considered as unique – particular for the Company.
All systems and products are of high technology, selected to the needs and requirements of the customer and ensure their satisfaction in spite of complexity of their requirements.
In order to create solutions that ensure maximum investment feedback for our customers, STE company takes into consideration an organization’s growth dynamics along with their current needs, also trends for the future technological development.

Our Customers

Government sector:

• Ministry of Oil andGas
• Ministry of Communications
• Ministry of Internal Affairs
• Ministry of Finance
• Ministry of Railways
• The State Customs Service
• Attorney General's Office
• Ministry of Education

Commercial sector:

• Bouygues international (French construction company)
• VINCI (construction company)
• POLIMEX (Turkish construction company)
• BELDA (Turkish construction company)
• RONESANS (Turkish construction company)
• MTS (GSM provider company)

Our Partners


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Address: office 208-A, Letter A, str. Blokhina, 9,
Sankt-Petersburg, 197198, Russia
Director Balakley I.V.
Tel: +7 999 2163049